2-Week Mini Camp
Let's do 8 Sessions together!
Does this sound like you?
You want to workout but you can't find the time

You've tried the gym thing but lack direction

You wish you had someone telling you what to
do without having to pay $60-$100/session

You wish you could just get awesome results
on your own schedule when you have time

You're willing to give it a shot you just need
a catalyst to get you going

But maybe you're not quite sure if you're
ready for my 6-Week Boot Camp

Then this 2 Week Mini-Camp is EXACTLY
what you need!! You're going to love it

As soon as you enroll you'll get access to
8 workouts and a downloadable workout log

Each video will show you exactly how to do
each movement and then you'll put on
your favorite jam and get it done

It equals out to less than $9/session
and you'll be doing the exact same
workouts that i do
Are You Ready?
Register below and let's get started
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